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Issues & Legislative Positions

Each legislative session, more than 7,000 bills are filed with a possible impact on the states’ design and construction industry and its employers. They are filed by legislators on behalf of constituents, by trade groups such as AIA Massachusetts, or by other design and construction industry groups.

The AIA Massachusetts staff will review all 7,000 plus bills and note any that specifically affect architects or, in general, the design and construction industry. The volunteers of the AIA Massachusetts Government Affairs Committee will then conduct a more careful analysis of the targeted bills to further determine their exact impact and recommend to the Board of Directors positions of either support, opposition, or neutrality. The Board of Directors then votes on GAC's recommendations.

Noted below are the Issue Brief sheets associated with the bills that have been deemed "High Priority" by the Board of Directors.

2023-2024 Legislative Session

Issue Brief Sheets for High Priority Bills

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