Draft Regulations Governing the Practice of Architecture 

February 25, 2016

In October 2013 the Massachusetts Architectural Registration Board (ARB) proposed a draft set of regulations intended to update the existing regulations governing the practice of architecture (the 231 CMR 1.00 through 4.00).

In response, the board of AIA Massachusetts convened open membership meetings to collect and discuss members thoughts and/or concerns about the proposed draft set of regulations.

With comments and suggestions in hand, AIA Massachusetts attended the May 2014 meeting of the ARB and addressed the following topics: practice of architecture; responsible control; electronic seals and signatures; firm practice rules; insurance requirements for firms; internship and continuing education.

The ARB then voted to accept all comments and suggestions submitted by AIA Massachusetts and began the process of moving the proposed draft regulations into the Patrick Administrations Executive Order 485 (E.O. 485) internal review process.

In January 2015 Charlie Baker was sworn in as Governor. In March 2015 the Baker Administration issued Executive Order 562 (E.O. 562), which revoked and superseded E.O. 485, and placed a hold on any new regulation until March 2016.

E.O. 562 required all state agencies, departments, boards, commissions or authorities to review their existing regulation, and prescribed new criteria by which all proposed new regulations will be reviewed by the Baker Administration prior to being given clearance by the Secretary of State to hold a public hearing.

At their November 2015 meeting the ARB reaffirmed their support for the proposed draft set of regulations and instructed staff to move the entire package into the E.O. 562 process.

Upon successful completion of the E.O. 562 process, the ARB will schedule a public hearing.

It will be at that public hearing (date/time t.b.d) that the ARB will take any and all public comments on the proposed set of draft regulations.

At their next meeting, after consideration of any verbal and written testimony offered during the public hearing, the ARB would then likely move to final promulgation. The proposed draft regulations are available below in pdf format

If you have any further questions, please contact either the Chair of the Architectural Registration Board, John Miller FAIA at 617-844-2115, miller@hmfh.com or

AIA MA Executive Director, John Nunnari at 617-951-1433 x.263, jnunnari@architects.org