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AIA MA Legislative Issue Briefs

HB.1317  An Act Establishing the Building Code Coordinating Council (BCCC)

Received a favorable reporting from Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security and is in House  Ways and Means Committee. 

AIA MA Supports  AIA MA Issue Brief - HB1317 BCCC

SB.1821 An Act Combating Climate Change (Sen. Barrett’s Carbon Fee Bill) – Discharged from the Joint Committee on Telecommunication, Utilities and Energy Gardner and referred to Senate Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change, rolled into Sen. Pacheco’s Omnibus energy bill and is now in Senate Ways and Means Committee. 

AIA MA Supports AIA MA Issue Brief SB1821 Carbon Fee Issue

AIA MA Regulatory Work Group By-Products

5.3.2018  - Department of Public Utilities (DPU) Interconnection Sub-Group 

Convened by the DPU Utilities, the purpose of this sub-group is to bring the utility companies and the construction industry together to talk about ways in which the utilities can be more responsive to the needs/schedules of both public and private construction projects.


Progress: Meetings are held quarterly. 

2018 National Grid and Eversource Presentation

11.5.2019 - AIA MA Net Zero Energy Code Proposal

On November 5, 2019 AIA MA proposed to the Board of Building Regulations and Standards (BBRS) that a Zero Code Renewable Energy Standard be added to the 10th Edition of the MA building code, creating a path to a zero energy design approach, similar to the zEPI that is already found in the 2015 IgCC.  The AIA MA proposal is designed to build on top of the 2021 IECC which already sets a minimum energy efficiency requirement.  By including the Zero Code Renewable Energy Standard in the current Appendix 115 AA (the stretch energy code) for all new commercial and institutional buildings, and mid- to high-rise housing, under the new Edition of the building code those municipalities that have received the Green Communities designation would be required to comply with the proposed new net zero provisions.  For communities that have not received the Green Communities designation, the proposed new net zero provisions would be optional. 


A copy of the November 5, 2019 AIA MA proposal is HERE.

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