AIA Massachusetts is the voice of the architectural community in Massachusetts. While there are other organizations that serve as professional societies that may include architectural interests, only AIA Massachusetts is focused on representing the specific interests of architects.


As such, staying abreast of new policy and regulatory changes is essential for architects working in the design and construction industry. Active communications between architects, other design professionals, and legislators are equally important to ensure that new policies and updated regulatory requirements align with the needs of the design and construction industry.


Advocacy is the sole focus of AIA Massachusetts. From supporting legislation that affects the business practice of architects, partnering with state agencies to resolve problems quickly, or participating in state task forces and commissions, AIA Massachusetts will always work to support the needs of the architectural profession and the quality of life for all citizens of the Commonwealth.


Stay connected with AIA Massachusetts, leverage our resources, attend our monthly meetings and make sure your voice is heard!


Legislative & Regulatory Agenda for 2021-2022

The 2021/2022 AIA Massachusetts Legislative and Regulatory Goals focus on legislative and regulatory advocacy in Massachusetts for issues that have a direct impact on the architectural profession. It is the mission of the all-volunteer members of the AIA Massachusetts Government Affairs Committee (GAC) to actively participate in the legislative and regulatory process and encourage the passage and implementation of these goals.


Bills Tracked for the 2021-2022 Legislative Session


Each legislative session, more than 7,000 bills are filed with a possible impact on the states’ design and construction industry and its employers. They are filed by legislators on behalf of constituents, by trade groups such as AIA Massachusetts, or by other design and construction industry groups.

The AIA Massachusetts Executive Director will review all 7,000 plus bills and note any that specifically affect architects or, in general, the design and construction industry. The volunteers of the AIA Massachusetts Government Affairs Committee will then conduct a more careful analysis of the targeted bills to further determine the exact impact of the bills and to recommend positions of either support, opposition, or neutrality.

Status of all Bills Tracked by AIA Massachusetts

Regulatory Issues for 2021-2022


For many years AIA Massachusetts has been participating in a number of state commissions/task forces.  The subject matter of each commission/task force varies, but each commission /task force is tasked with reviewing particular issues related to the built environment and making recommendations for improvement.

Summary of AIA Massachusetts Regulatory Work